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2024 (standard 2 bedroom Strand Somerset Covent Garden) We wanted to let you know we arrived safely and have settled in our lovely flat”. So pleased with it and the location. Paul the driver was super. You have been fabulous in making the arrangements and we are very grateful. ” (E.H. USA  Feb 24)
2024 (budget 1 bedroom. Red Lion Square) I enjoyed my stay and appreciated the fruit left for me on arrival. The Sainsbury’s near Holborn tube was very convenient” (B.H.USA Jan 24)
2023 (standard 1 bedroom Cheltenham Terrace) I really enjoyed the apartment-safe convenient location, little touches like flowers, milk. Thanks for all your  help and patience in booking.(J.E USA Dec 23)
2023 (standard 1 bedroom Cheltenham Terrace). Wonderful apartment and location.The head porter was very helpful (J.D.USA Sep23).
2023 Good wishes to you.I wish I was there…..( M.L. Canada Dec. 23)
2023 Greetings to you all. We have a lovely time at the flat in Southwark and are thinking of  trip in August” (A.G.USA Nov23)
2023 ( standard 2 bedroom Alderney St .) I have enjoyed staying here very much, especially how quiet the street is ,and the peaceful neighborhood, away from the Christmas shopping.” (A.T. USA , Nov.23)
2023 We wish you excellent business and hope you keep in touch …” (E.K Brazil June 23)
2023 Thanks for your very informative answers . No wonder D. has so many nice things to say about the Independent Traveller .(July 23 enquiry )
2023 (standard St.Georges Square Mews 3 bedroom) We are now home and glad it all worked out and we got to stay at St. Georges …thanks for co-ordinating, it was a seamless trip from start to finish” (T.K.USA July 23)
2023 ( standard Soho Square 2 bedroom) We enjoyed our trip and the apartment was perfect (J.F.USA June 23)
2023 (standard 2 bedroom Turnmill St) We had a great tine.( B.G.USA May 23)
2023 ( standard Soho Sq 1 bedroom )  The location was extremely handy for
everything we could want in London.  We did not  so much care for the apartment compared with others we have stayed in with you as it seems things were scrimped- they need to extend the wifi extender so can be used in the bedroom also.(SS Canada May 23)
2023 (standard 1 bedroom Cheltenham Terrace) “The apartment was wonderful so spacious and well-located  ” (G.P. USA May 23)
2022 (Cheltenham Terrace standard 1 bedroom|)  We would stay here again 100% (K.F.USASep 22)
2021 (Sandwich St Ist floor studio, budget). It was very nice. (O.L. USA October 21)
 2021 ( Sandwich St ground floor 1 bedroom,budget). All was fine – looking forward to my next visit. (R.G. Canada, Sep.21)
2021 (Regular guest USA)  Thanks so much for everything. (T.K. May/Aug visit)
 2021 ( Regular guest USA ) Thank you for all the uplifting newsletters during the COVID19 crisis. They really helped keep my spirits up. (L.H. Aug.2021 making new booking)
2021 (standard 1 bedroom Cheltenham Terrace) Great to be back (S.C Canada Oct 21)
NOTE :  During the pandemic we did not print reviews due lockdowns
2021 (Sandwich St 1 bedroom ,budget) All was well. Look forward to coming again. (R.G. Canada ,Sep.)
2021 ( guests visiting The Mansions later this year) We very much appreciate your help and updates) (D.F. USA, Sep.)
2021  I hope to make travel arrangements to come to London again in 2022 .(M.V) Sep
19 (Sandwich St, budget) It is a lovely place, great location and quiet. Enjoying it very much . (M.B. USA,Dec.)
2019 (Maiden Lane , standard). Had a great time…really liked the apartment and the location..I’d  book it again . Thanks again for your assistance- it is a real pleasure dealing with you…till next time. ( W.R. USA Dec.)
2019 (Turks Row studio ,standard). The studio is very comfortable and quiet. (.M.H. Australia Oct .)
2019 (Curzon St 1 bedrooms, superior) We had a great time. Until next time…. (P.B. USA,Oct)
2019 (Sandwich St 1 bedroom, budget).Everything is just fine and we set out
to explore straight away. It was nice to meet Ramiro (manager).  The location was so familiar to us it couldn’t have been better. Thanks for your help. (C.G. Canada Oct.)
2019 (Chepstow Rd ,budget) The apartment is warm and cozy. We like it very much. Location is very convenient – only 10 minutes to walk to Portobello Rd. Thanks for suggesting it.  (J.Y. Hong Kong Oct.)
2019 (Piccadilly, standard) The flat is very quiet. Looking forward to our next stay. (M.W.USA Oct)
2019 (Lexham Gardens, standard)  We enjoyed our stay. The flat was convenient for the tube, buses and shopping…lots of light…attractively furnished and decorated , and the patio provides an attractive view. Good kitchen appliances. Wifi signal weak in bedroom 2.(R.W. Canada Oct.)
2019 (Piccadilly, standard). Had a great week enoying Covent Garden, walking in Mayfair…and of course the apartment.(L.C.Canada Oct.)
2019 (general )No plans to travel yet but you are on my mind. You will be the first people I will reach out to when the time comes ! ( M.V.USA Sep._
2019 (Chepstow Rd, budget). Arrival fine, driver very professional. Flat is nicely redone. Bedroom in bedroom a bit small ( is a standard double.I.T.)
Thank you again for your assistance . Hard to believe we have been working with your company for 30 years ! (K.E. USA Sep.)
2019 (Gloucester Gardens ,standard).We enjoyed the apartment .(D.W. USA Sep)
2019 (Windsor 2, budget ) The studio was perfect and I cannot thank you enough for the recommendation and managing everything. I relished my daily walk. Windsor was 40 /45 minutes walk ( 30/35 to the Castle) or a 15 min. walk to Datchet station and a 3 minute train ride.(C.C. USA July)
2019  (Piccadilly, standard) Our visit is going well.  The driver was there to meet us and the apartment is perfect.(E.D.USA,July)
2019 (Albert St 1 bedroom ,budget) All is well ! (S.M,Canada,July)
2019 (Playhouse Court, standard) This apartment is a favorite, best for 2 and a terrific flat, and I have come to like the location. (J.E.USA,June)
2019 (Goodge St studio, standard). All well , no complaints! We enjoyed our stay very much.(R.S.USA June)
2019 (Sandwich St 1 bedroom, budget).You have been so amazing and helpful and we truly appreciate all your efforts. We look forwward to our next trip. (V.C.USA June)
2019 (Earls Court Square 2, standard). We had a lovely visit.The apartment is in a perfect location for traveling to all the sights and for just wandering around the area. The living room was very spacious- 3 of us were quite comfortable there . The beds were comfortable and having the kitchen beneficial. The wrinkled rug was a hazard which we removed ( Note : now removed altogether  I.T.) Thank you for all your support and recommendations when planning the trip – your help was invaluable”. P.J.USA May)
2019 (Chichester St, superior). After being out all day I found coming back to the apartment comfortable , clean and great. No complaints and I would certainly recommend it to any of my friends visiting London. Look forward to being in touch again for my next visit.(R.K.USA May)
2019 (Cartwright Gardens studio, budget). The studio was perfect for this trip, as my life is quite volatile at the moment, and I appreciated the flexible cancellation policy had I needed it. Great location. Very small bathroom – fine for me but a large person might have trouble. Overall for single travelers who give priority to convenience of location and dont mind minimal amenities, it’s a great find.(K.S. USA,May)
2019 (Cartwright Gardens  studio, budget). I enjoyed the apartment. At first I was going to complain about being put in a downstairs apartment but I ended up enjoying out at the garden! Many thanks. (S.C.USA May)
2019 (Piccadilly, standard) The apartment is lovely- very comfortable and a great location. (A.L.USA May)
2019 (Piccadilly, standard) We had a great stay…the flat was in a great neighborhood and was surprisingly quiet. (we loved the restaurant right behind the flat. (K.G. USA ,May)
2019 (Gloucester Gardens, standard). Thank you for your care and attention during our stay. (K.B.Australia, May)
2019 (Chichester St, superior) Our apartment was great – super location. (V.D.,USA May )
2019 (Piccadilly) All is well, we are enjoying the flat.( D.F. USA April_)
2019 (The Cut, Southwark)  3 bedroom, standard). Everything was just fine. We certainly emjoyed our stay – the flat was perfect for our needs and we will seek your assistance when we return (C.G .Canada, April)
2019 ( The Mansions, superior) A great visit …our family appreciated the large decorated Christmas tree – that was a special touch. Thanks again for your assistance and hope to see you soon. (B.H, USA Jan )
2018 (Earls Court Square, Kensington, standard)  2 bedroom. It was perfect for us . (A,L.  USA Dec)
2018 (Bury Place, Bloomsbury, budget ) 2 bedroom.  I had a great visit . I loved the decor and location. The bedrooms are quiet  too. 2019R.B.USA, Dec.)
2018 (Cooper Close ,Southwark , budget) 1 bedroom  I always appreciate your prompt  and professional service and expect to be in contact with you in 2019 (J.P. Australia, Dec.)
2018 (Sunderland Terrace Bayswater, standard)   1 bedroom . We had a marvelous time . (.D.P Dec 18)
2018 (Gloucester Gardens Bayswater, standard)  1 bedroom. Our first English trip was made better by havinbg you on our side and we are most appreciative “. (D.D. Canada, Dec)
2018 (Piccadilly, Mayfair, standard)   1 bedroom, I thoroughly enjoyed Piccadilly as always. (K.J.USA Nov)
2018 (Cartwright Gardens , budget studio) The  studio was OK – the room was fine and the building well-maintained but the bathroom was impossibly small…. (C.D. USA  Nov)
2018 ( regular  visitor )  I really enjoy reading the newsletters with tips and pictures. Look forward to returning to London. (M.E. USA, Nov.)
2018  (many visits over the years) . I may be coming in 2019 – London is in my veins . Long  time happy customer .(  K. R. USA Nov.)
2018  (Warwick Square , Westminster, standard ) 2 bedroom)  Thank you so much for your patience , quick responses to all of my questions when choosing an apartment and for all the helpful information”. (P.J. USA ,Nov,)
2018 (Cliveden Place 2 bedroom, Chelsea, standard ) We really loved staying in the apartment ……(S.R. Australia,  October )
  2018 (Soho Square 2 bedroom, standard) Thank you for helping make our trip to London enjoyable. Our family loved the flat and I really appreciate you help and professionalism . If we come back to London will give you a call” (Y.W. Israel September)
  2018 ( Brompton Park Crescent , Fulham, studio budget )  Hoping to book this or another of your excellent properties sometime inthe future”. (B.and R.N. Australia October )
 2018 (Soho Square 2 bedroom standard) We had such a wonderful time , perhaps another trip next year. The flat couldn’t have been more perfect. Loved watching the neighborhood and the gardens .”  (J.D. USA October)
 2018  (Chepstow Rd 1 bedroom Bayswater, budget ) I enjoyed my stay and everyone went well as usual.”  (S.M., Australia, September)
 2018  ( Tavistock Place 1 bedroom Bloomsbury/budget.) It is a fine apartent – I have stayed here before in 2015. (R.G. ,Canada ,September)
 2018 (  Piccadilly, Mayfair, 1 bedroom, standard)   All was wonderful as usual ” (M.W.   USA, September)
 2018 (Cooper Close, Southwark,  1 bedroom,  budget) It is always a pleasure to stay at Elizabeth’s  (P.P. USA. September)
 2018  ( Cooper Close, Southwark, 1 bedroom, budget)  Enjoying London as always. Liking Cooper Close again – excellent location , and Elizabeth is a friendly, helpgul landlady .(J.P. Australia , September)
 2018 ( Deodar Rd, Putney, 1 bedroom , standard) We left the apartment very reluctantly. Our stay by the Thames was excellent. We loved the spaciousness and tranquillity. The location was perfect for the underground . Warren looked after us well .  Thank you  once again for providing us with the “right” accommodation. ( R and S.M. New Zealand, September)
 2018 (Chichester St, Pimlico , studio, superior)  The studio suited us well and thank you for  your assistance in securing accommodation for us .(H and P.H.  Australia, September ) 
 2018 (Sandwich St , Bloomsbury, 1 bedroom budget ) Thanks again for helping us have such a delightful time this summer. We will be in touch when we next plan to come to London.  By the way Ramiro came by and fixed a new antenna to the TV  – he  was very helpful and patient and we want you to recomgnize what an asset he is”. (J.S. USA ,July , stayed 7 weeks) 
 2018 (Warwick Square 2 bedroom Pimlico, standard)  Thank you for all your help. If any future clients would like a reference we would be happy to provide a glowing one. We were very happy with the apartment ,location and your service and attention. It was a terrific trip we will never forget!. (J.W. USA July)
 2018 (Pembridge Gardens Ist floor 1 bedroom, Bayswater, standard) We appreciated your help with oiur trip and hope to be back soon. (P.A. USA ,August)
 2018 (Chesham St., Belgravia  2 bedroom , standard)   We are enjoying  our stay very much. The flat is comfortable : Paolo the porter is very helpful and friendly, and Isabel does a fine job as cleaner . The location is wonderful for us, particularly the proximity of several parks , so we are glad we chose to stay here for our 4 week trip. (S.D. USA  July )
 2018 (Tavistock Place Bloomsbury, 1 bedroom, budget)  We had a great 2 weeks in London , working and playing as much as possible. Our kids spent time  getting to know the city on their own. Bloomsbury was definitely the place to stay.  We will be coming nack and will be in touch.” (R and L .C. Canada July)
 2018 (Sloane Avenue studio, Chelsea, standard)  We thorougly enjoyed  our stay in the Nell Gwynn studio.( P.B. USA July)
 2018 (The Mansions, Kensington, superior 3 bedroom). The apartment was so spacious with wonderful kitchens and  dining rooms. I never assumed we could have such as comfortable dinner for family and friends  . (N.L. USA July)
 2018 (Kensington Church St studio, Kensington, standard) Leonard was so gracious and always ready to help. My kudos to him. We enjoyed our stay as always. (D and M.P., USA, July)
 2018 ( Beaufort St, Chelsea , 2 bedroom, superior )  Mom and I are having a lovely time at Beaufort St . Thanks so very much !  ( T.K. USA July)
 2018  ( Northcroft Rd , Ealing, standard) We found Northcroft Rd very comfortable , well appointed with good facilities, and Richard was a good host and most obliging  . ( J and J.M. New Zealand July)
2018  (Goodge St studio, standard) I have arrived  and all is pleasant both in the flat and the neighborhood . ( A.H.  USA July )
 2018 ( Warwick Place 2 bedroom,Pimlico, standard )    We have arrived and love the apartment.  (J.W. USA,June)
2018. (Piccadilly 1 bedroom, Mayfair, standard) We are fine and really enjoying the hot  weather. We have been using Green Park a lot.( B.S. Australia June)

2018 ( Cathcart St, Chelsea 3 bedroom superior)  We all greatly enjoyed staying at the flat. I hope to return to London soon.  ( J.T.USA June)

2018 (Sandwich St  Bloomsbury gd floor 1 bedroom  budget ). A. and I have settled in to our flat  quite wonderfully. It feels like home and the nneighborhood is terrific. (J.S.USA, June)

2018 (Pembridge Gardens Bayswater  1 bedroom standard )  R. and I very much enjoyed our stay at the Ist floor at Pembridge Gardens.  So light and airy and a charming balcony. And remarkably quiet.  The ironing board needs replacing by the way- hard to erect and fold. Thanks as usual for youe help. (C.K. USA May )   I.T. note ironing board replaced

2018 (Soho Square 1 bedroom ) We had a lovely stay in London. The flat was very nice and we enjoyed having the terrace. We visit London regularly but this was a particularly  enjoyable trip. (J.C. USA June)

2018 (Piccadilly 1 bedroom Mayfair, standard) We returned from our holiday on June 3. We had a most enjoyable time in London….the Piccadilly apartnent was quiet, comfortable and well-appointed. Once inside our cozy hideaway it was hard to realise we were in the center of London. Thank you for making all the arrangements and for all your helpful advice. (L.S.USA, June)

2018 (Elm Park Gardens ,S.Kensington 1 bedroom standard ) Just a quick note to say the Elm Park gardens apt. was splendid (D.L USA May)

2018  (Pembridge Gardens, Bayswater 1 bedroom standard )  Can’t believe our stay is over!  The apartment was just what we needed . The neighborhood is lovely with lots od grocery shops, lovely Frencg]h bakery, and the conveniece of the tube so close. Thank you for all your assistance in making the arrangements and all the helpful hints. We woud definitely use your services again. Top notch performance! (M.E.USA,April)

2018 ( Bury Place 2 bedroom Bloomsbury, budget) We thoroughly enjoyed the apartment- it was perfect for us in every way. Thanks for everything you did to make it a wonderful stay , will talk again next year. ( R.B. USA April)

2018 (Chesham St, Belgravia 2 bedroom, standard)  We are having  a wonderful time. Many many thanks. Will be in touch (H.B.USA Feb.)

2018  (Piccadilly) Thanks for providing such a lovely flat for our London holiday. (M.S.USA, Jan)

2018   (Highbury Fields  Islington 2 bedroom  budget) It was a very comfortable apartment , fully equipped , clean and with enough linen and towels. Quiet area though very near the tube station. Thank you for all your work. (S.G.B,Netherlands, Jan.)

2017 (Earls Court Square  Kensington 2 bedroom standard) We had a great week at the Earls Court Square apartment . It is lovely place and a wonderful location for exploring London. We will remember you for our next trip to London. (A.N.. USA,Nov.)

2017  (Piccadilly )  We have settled into this very comfortable flat . It is lovely and in a great location. We went around Shepherd Market which is a gem. Thank you do much for everything.  ( and  on return) R. and I would like to thank you for your help with this apartment, we had a fantastic time and loved living here.  (D.C. Australia ,Nov)

2017 ( Cooper Close 1 bedroom )Having a great time as usual . Love the flat , and hope it is available this time next year . I do like this flat , it is just what I want for London accommodation.  (J.P.Australia Oct.)

2017 ( Earls Court Square  2 bedroom ) We are enjoying ourselves and after a few days time adjusting we are in the groove so to speak. (R,D. Canada Oct.)

2017 (Chesham St 2 bedroom) We really enjoyed our trip to London and Edinburgh and thank you very much for all your assistance with the accommodations and the airport driver.  The apartment is lovely, very comfortable and located in a beautiful neighborhood.  But the second single bed is not feasible for an adut …the mattress platform is too small for the frame and the braket broke on the 3rd evening- which the manager repaired soon after. He could not have been nicer but I thought I should inform you ….if you use a review service such as Trip Advisor I would be happy to leave you a positive review . (C.T.,USA, Sept.) 

I.T.note –  the manager did keep us informed of the bed and repairs needed, and we agree it is not suitable for an adult. (child or teen  but not an adult)

2017  (Tavistock Place 1 bedroom ) The flat is just as we remembered it and the time passed too quickly . (L.T.Canada, Sept)

2017 (Earls Court Square 2 bedroom ) The flat is really lovely .  Thank you for the marvellous organissation and for suggesting this charming flat with such a pleasant outlook.(E.R.Australia ,Sept)

2017 (Cheltenham Terrace 1 bedroom) We have have had a great visit . The flat worked out very well -the location was perfect , the bed comfortable, and there was a wonderfully warm atmosphere.(W.D.Canada, Sept.)

2017  . (Cheltenham Terrace 1 bedroom). Just to let you know we had a fine time th is year, and have decided when we next come to London we will book it again. (S.S. Canada Sept)

2017 (Albemarle Way 2 bedroom)  Our family’s trip to London and the stay at Albemarle Way was a great success. So many good memories and thank you for your assistance. ((H.M..USA Sept)

2017 (Cooper Close 1 bedroom) We had a good stay , comfortable  and clean and feels like home . (P.P. USA August)

2017 (The Mansions  3 bedroom) We enjoyed our stay very much…the apartment was excellent and fit our needs just right (DW ,USA,August)

2017  (Piccadilly) Thanks for all your tips and suggestions. We only managed to get to a small fraction of them. We enjoyed walking in the nearby Royal parks. I am so glad we stayed in the flat. (J.R. USA August)

2017 (Alderney St 2 bedroom) The apartment was fine and comfortable. The small kitchen was not an issue. The location was ideal as we had a busy week. (M.H.USA, August)

2017 (Windsor apartment) The apartment is  lovely though could use  a clothes dryer . It is quiet and well-equipped . (A.L. USA, August)

2017 (Boscobel Place,  house in Belgravia).  Thank you for your assistance in making our trip to Uk sucessful.  We had a wonderful time. (C.M. and extended family , USA  July 17)

2017  (Windsor) Absolutely lovely apartment though could do with a drier. Quiet and well- equipped. (A.L USA July 17)

2017 ( Cheltenham Terrace 1 bedroom.Chelsea). Thanks so much for your hard work. You have been patient ,listening to our needs and concerns and coming up with adjusted suggestions. With all the apartment rentals out there, I can see why your company is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. (G.M. USA,July 17)

2017 (The Mansions  4 bedroom apt and a studio) We had a fantastic time and loved the apartments. Thanks for all you have done. We couldn’t have asked for better service. (R.T. and extended family USA July 17)

2017 ( Derwent Yard 2 bedroom, Ealing). We had a good holiday which started with your help  with choosing a place to stay.  Well-located near the tube and easy access both to the airport and central London.I have passed on your details to a friend . (L.B.Australia, July 17)

2017 (Curzon St 1 bedroom) We enjoyed the flat and area very much . It has been our favorite of all the times we have rented in London. ”  (S.B. USA July 17)

2017 (several apartments over last 2 years) You are amazing professionals and your fine advice has always out me in the best apartments. (S.K. USA July 2017)

2017 ( 1 bedroom for 4, Albert St,Camden). Thanks very much for connecting us for such a nice flat . Everything was very comfortable. (S.C.USA June 17)

2017 (studio at Kensington Church St. and also Pembridge Gardens ). Thanks again for a comfortable stay. (T.L. USA,June 17)

2017 (Bedford Place 2 bedroom) We have rented apartments from you several times, and this was the most expensive but  least comfortable. (L.N.June 2017) I.T. note we are no longer using these apartments as standards have  deteriorated.

2017 (Gloucester Gardens 1 bedroom, Bayswater). Very much enjoyed the flat – it is a winner . (J.E.May 17)

2017 ( Tregunter Rd  3 bedroom apartment Chelsea,  and cottages in the coutry) We had a great time in all 3 locations and miss England already. (J.B. May 17)

2017. (Playhouse Court 1 bedroom, Southwark). The apartment was clean, huge , sunny and well-appointed, with 2 bathrooms and a great kitchen. Found a great pub “The George” nearby and walked to The Globe, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge and more.  I heartily recommend this apartment . (S.B. Canada ,April 17)

2017 (Piccadilly 1 bedroom , Mayfair) Can’t wait to get back ! ( frequent visitors to this apartment. M.W. USA May 17)

2017. (Turnmill St 2 bedroom, Clerkenwell). Superb customer service. Excellent accommodation. Owner very attentive to our needs while using the flat. (S.P. Canada Jan 17)

2016 ( Pembridge Gardens 1 bedrooom Bayswater) For the fourth time  I had a great stay in one of your apartments. The driver was very pleasant . I will certainly be in touch again when I make another trip. (A.B. New Zealand, Nov. 16)

2016 (Earls Court Square 2 bedroom, Kensington). The place was absolutely perfect ….spacious and comfortable with every amenity. We commented over and over how lucky we were to rent such a wonderful place”. (K.W.USA. Oct 16)

2016. (Holland Park House 2 bedroom, Kensington) This was probably the best holiday rental house I have ever stayed in. The location wwas ideal for tubes and buses, cafes and shops. Thanks for recommending this house to us. Thanks Simon and Mary . We had a fabulous week in London. (C.M.New Zealand. Nov 16)

2016 (Tregunter Rd 3 bedroom ). We are home safe and sound. Your assistance was flawless. Great apartment in a good area- we could not be happier with your performance . (D.F. USA, July 16)

2013 ( Red Lion Square 2 bedroom, Bloomsbury)

Thanks Mary. We enjoyed our stay in London very much. We could not have asked for a better location. My father in law was very impressed with the apartment and  all the furnishings. Will be visiting again in the Spring/summer. A.M. USA.

2013 ( Lancaster Gate, Bayswater)

Thank you Mary. We very much enjoyed the flat and our visit to London. G.F. Canada.

2013 ( Leigh St, Bloomsbury, 2 bedroom)

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks – the flat in Bloomsbury was perfect for us  a wonderful location great “village” feel and lots of space for our family of 4. We loved the house, and really enjoyed living as locals for the week. We were very impressed by the efficiency of all our interactions with you regarding the property  thanks very much. We’ll certainly be in touch the next time we are looking for accommodations in the UK or on the continent.  L.M.USA.

2013 ( 100 Picadilly)

Thank you Mary. We really enjoyed being at 100 Picadilly it more than came up to expectations ! We would love to visit again and also thank you for your efficiency! D.H. Spain

2013 (  Leigh St , Bloomsbury, 2 bedroom)

We had a lovely time in the Bloomsbury apartment. The apartment was the perfect size for the family and we loved the location. The weather the week we were in London was gorgeous and we had a great time in and around the City. If we are back in London we’ll definately stay with you again. I have told all my friends and family about your apartment, in case any of them end up in London soon. J.D. USA

2013 ( Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea)

I’ve been meening to write to say how much we like the apartment, full of light, high ceilings, a wonderful sense of space, and elegance throughout. Needless to say, Chelsea, where we have never been before, is full of beauty and wonders. Thanks so much for finding this great lodging for us. Our trip home was flawless. The driver arrived exactly on time, loaded our many bags and got us quickly to Heathrow. We are home, and we appreciate all of your help getting us here; excellent driver service. The apartment was great, wonderfully located and we thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks in London. Thanks to your good advice we learnt how to do the bus system. Thanks again for managing all of this for us. H.P.USA.

2013 ( Red Lion Square 2 bedroom, Bloomsbury)

We enjoyed our London visit very much  – the flat was perfect for our family. We didn’t mind the weather – we came prepared for rain and cold, and to us it made a novel change, as we live in Southern California.

2013 ( Cheltenham Terrace, Chelsea)

The flat at Chelenham Terrace suited us excellently and provided all that we needed. Thank you. L.T. Spain.

2013 ( Magdalen Road, Oxford)

The flat is lovely. Thank you for finding it. I think you give a splendid service. R.G. Canada.

2013 ( Picadilly, Mayfair)

Thank you. We enjoyed  100 Picadilly very much. It is well appointed and was comfortable even in the heatwave with the ceiling fans. What a location! We hope to make use of your services again. M.F. USA.

2013 ( Chepstow Rd, Bayswater)

We had a great time and the flat was lovely and super- convenient. Will definately recomend it to others. T.A. USA.

2014 ( Tregunter Rd, Chelsea and Royal Mile Edinburgh)

We are home now after two weeks in London and Edinburgh. We really enjoyed both apartments. The London apartment was close to the tube and we made good use of the travel cards and London Passes we had bought before we left. The Royal Mile apartment was a real treat, such a nice unit in such a historic part of the City. It is a gem – Michelle took good care of us. Ed D., USA .

2014 ( Kensington Church St.)

All in all we had a wonderful visit. The bus system is perfect for handicapped people but we still took lota of taxis. If you ever need some one to sing your praises, please use my name as a reference.P.W.USA

2014 ( Earls Court Square. )

We wanted to thank you for suggesting the best flat for us. We did not want to leave and hope to visit London again. If we come back or friends want to visit London, we will definately recommend booking with you. Thank you again for making our trip a success. S.T.Canada.

2015 ( Kensington Church St )

This worked well for my stay.  Exactly what I needed.  Tom. USA

2015 ( Sherborne, Dorset )

Thank you so much, once again, finding us a lovely place to stay. The garden cottage was beautiful and comfortable. Our hosts where most gracious and helpful. R.M. USA.

2015 ( Bloomsbury 1 bed apartment )

Thank you again for all your help. It worked well to be close to my daughter’s residence hall. We really enjoyed the neighbourhood. I look forward to using your services again.  C.H. USA.

2015 ( Edinburgh )

My trip was amazing and the flat was perfect. M.V.USA.

2015 ( Norland Square, London. )

The apartment locale and its amenities gave us the perfect setting to rest, recharge, and take on our ambitious schedule of sightseeing. N + H.B. USA.

2015 ( Bath – Harrogate & London )

We did enjoy our month in the UK and in their own way we enjoyed each of the properties, particularly the independence it gave us. We will definitely contact you again. P.A. Australia.

2015 ( Doughty St, Bloomsbury London )

The flat is perfect and in a great location.  L.G.  USA

2015 ( Sandwich St, Bloomsbury London )

We have really enjoyed the neighborhood. C.H.  USA.

2015 ( Chepstow Rd. London ) 

We had an absolutely wonderful time, the flat was very comfortable and in one of the best neighborhoods .  Prof. J.S  USA

Thank you for managing all this for us so well, including the selection of the Apartment. The driver was exactly on time and loaded our bags and got us quickly to heathrow. Mr & Mrs P.(USA)

(Elm Park Gardens) Dec 2012