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10th September 2016 by razorsharp
  1. Will the property be self-contained? 
    Yes totally . In  a few  cases you may share a laundry area which is within the building and available to several apartments.
  2. How do I obtain the keys?
    We advise full arrival /key details and directions with the final receipt . You will  normally  be met by the owner /manager or their representative  who will show you in. In some cases keys are left for you at a designated cafe or similar, or there is a key safe.
  3. Arrivals.  Can I check in early ?
    If you arrive before the stated arrival time normally 2 pm ,you can often check in earlier if the property is ready,   or leave luggage, by arrangement. If guests are departing the same day luggage cannot be left till after 11am at the earliest to allow the cleaner time to get started.If you wish to have a guaranteed early check in please book from the night before.
  4. Is wifi always available?
    Yes . We cannot guarantee the quality of the signal at all times where wifi is normally available.Wifi is free for normal browsing and emails , but downloading of films and music   will incur an extra charge.
  5. Electrical devices. Do I need a special adaptor?
    If you are not a UK resident, yes.  Note that UK is on a different  system to the rest of Europe , N. America and other areas. As such you will need to bring a UK adaptor plug for devices such as a  shaver, electric toothbrush etc.When buying chargers for your devices please buy reputable brands eg Apple, Nokia, Sony, etc. NEVER leave any devices on charge when you go out.
  6. What is included in the rate quoted ? Are there any extra charges?
    The rate is fully inclusive except:
    a) We ask a refundable security deposit just before arrival .
    c) If there is a landline in the property overseas calls would be charged for.
  7. What if I have a problem or query during my stay?
    You will always have the contact details for the owner or manager who will be nearby, as well as ourselves .
  8. What is a “self-catering”, and a “serviced” apartment?
    Most properties on on our web site are privately owned “self-catering” apartments available for short stays from as little a 3 nights in some cases , though usually from 5 night minimum stays. They are fully equipped and may have maid service weekly if your stay is longer than a week.  Linen change is always left for you even if there is  no maid service during your stay.  A “serviced apartment ” ,  sometimes called an ” aparthotel “, will be a building like a hotel where all apartments are part  of the same management, have a reception desk/manager on site, and usually maid service  5 days a week. They are convenient for those wanting some of the conveniences of a hotel yet the privacy of their own apartment.