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                                                  Cancellation  2020/ 2021

We strongly advise  ALL travellers to take out travel insurance including cancellation of accommodation. NOTE SPECIAL  CORONAVIRUS  CANCELLATION CONDITIONS FOR NEW BOOKINGS for ARRIVALS UP TO  31 May 2021. SEE HOME PAGE FOR DETAILS UPDATED REGULARLY.

Unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary for you to cancel your visit.  Or you may lose baggage, or have important items stolen during your trip. Insurance will save you from financial loss, provided the reason for cancellation is covered by the policy. We suggest you take out insurance at the time of booking .

We know some travellers do NOT take out travel insurance. Some say they have always been “lucky” and not needed it  –  but the very point of insurance of any kind is that IF the unexpected DOES happen , you are covered for financial loss.  If you do decide to travel without insurance that is of course a personal choice .

We suggest you look at what cover you may need : are your airline tickets and other travel arrangements refundable if you cancel ? Do you need medical insurance? You may wish to include theft , baggage loss and of course  any prepaid accommodation costs.

Check also what cover you may already have,  via your bank account perhaps, or a credit card.   If you do decide to go  for a comprehensive travel insurance,  we suggest you use one of the larger insurance companies  . Examples in USA would be Allianz, Travelex, Travel Guard and more.  Other countries will have similar companies. These are usually available 24 hours for phone calls should anything happen during your stay.

                                                     Our Cancellation Charges**

(NOTE : a few properties have different cancellation policies : see ” SPECIAL CANCELLATION CONDITIONS” on   property descriptions if there is any variation on the standard  time frame below).  Once you have made   your booking  :    you lose your deposit only.**  Less than 42 days  to arrival date  :   deposit and balance is lost  unless then property can be relet. **

**Special corona virus conditions :  please see Home Page

Once you cancel we , the Agency, will TRY TO RELET  the cancelled period, and if successful we will refund you either in full if the whole period is relet, or the part that is relet.   IF YOU DO HAVE TO CANCEL PLEASE email us as soon as possible , as the sooner we know the better chance of reletting.