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We started The Independent Traveller in 1981.   At that time  it was difficult for visitors from overseas to know how to find anything other than hotels, and communication was lengthy, expensive or non-existent.  We even had American clients working in Nepal who were seven days ‘donkey ride’ from a phone, and British expats on a Pacific island who received post once every six weeks when the boat called.  Many really wanted their own homes to rent for a short period, whether as tourists, ‘on leave’ or on business, so we found them what they needed, saving them time and money.

39 years later, Mary and Simon and family  are still running that same  business with you, the customer, in mind. Technology has changed but human nature has not.  Most visitors require an apartment that is in a good location, close to tube stops , buses and shops/restaurants, yet quiet by city standards.  They want somewhere bright, well-maintained  and comfortable, in some cases  luxurious , with all facilities and conveniences – and  good value.

Technology makes life  so much easier than the old ‘donkey’ days !  Some property owners   have been with us for many years, as well as many new owners and managers who have joined us since.   We still have clients going back to the 80s, not to mention their children and friends.  Over 80% of clients are repeat visitors.  We are not an advertising site so properties are carefully chosen , and we do not charge owners to be listed.

We are continually travelling to view old and new properties and update our comments , and clients give us continual useful feedback.  So do ask more about any property or area, as one of us here can give you more information than a website can convey.