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 CONTACT Mary and Simon for SHORT STAY RENTAL apartments for your London visit .  40 years experience , safe and easy booking and payment, inspected properties.  Family business with customer service  our priority from your first email till you arrive home.  To sign up for our newsletters see below.

CORONA VIRUS UPDATE August  4th  2020 .  UK is  “open” for business , including shops, transport, restaurants /pubs, museums and galleries open with social distancing .  Rental properties re-opened in July and are busy with those able to travel. Life is relatively “normal” again for most of us compared with the lockdown period .

2021 is already busy , especially spring and summer, due to those postponing this year’s bookings.   If you have any queries about your  upcoming booking,  do ask any questions at any time.   Cleaning and arrival arrangements have been updated in line with government advice.

 QUARANTINE.  Government advice has listed  many countries now exempt from this.   Major countries NOT yet on the list include  Canada (likely to be next on list) , USA, all  African countries , Russia, China,   Sweden, Spain and Portugal.  Travellers FROM these countries CAN visit UK but  still have to self isolate for 14 days.   NOTE this applies today and changes are made almost daily !   Hopefully testing will replace quarantine soon for all arrivals. 

SPECIAL LATE  SUMMER OFFERS. We have very good discounts for August/September/October.   Central London 1 bedrooms from £80 per night , 2 bedrooms from £150 per night , with 7 night  cancellation refunds . For details see our newsletter of 26/27 July , or ask us by email now . Though many won’t want to travel just yet, those travelling for family, business or research reasons may find the special offers useful.

Use  “CONTACT US” on this page , or text /WhatsApp + 44 (0)7791 208543 or call +44 (0) 1392 860807  .  Please do NOT send a booking form until we have confirmed your apartment  is available .

TELL US  dates, numbers, AND ANY PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS. We get back by return  with availability , suggestions and rates. NO BOOKING FEE , NO  CARD FEE . The search below will show you which apartments suit your party size – it does not show availability or price.


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