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Aug. 1st  2022 

BRITAIN IS  OPEN  : all restrictions lifted for arrivals and within UK. Masks are optional  ; self-isolation no longer required for those testing positive. 

So far this year we have experienced a busier than ever year . Like many, we had thought travellers would still be nervous to travel – but we were proved wrong with 2022 bookings starting as early as  August 2021 mainly from US, Canada and the rest of Europe. 

HEAT.  London has had temperatures unknown since 1976 with top temperatures in the high 30’s.  The higher than usual temperatures lasted about a week ,peaking  at 39C in London Tuesday 19 July. Luckily by 21st July temperatures ad dropped to the more usual 22/26C  and have continued.

See the TRAVEL INFORMATION LINK ON THIS HOME PAGE for details and links to useful transport  information (tube/bus ), galleries, museums ,churches, theatres, walking and bus tours, and more.

LOOKING FOR A  LONDON rental apartment ?  DON’T DELAY AS DEMAND UNTIL NOVEMBER 2022 IS UNPRECEDENTED, after 2 pandemic years. More availability from November on. (some gaps before)

PLEASE ASK US FOR AVAILABILITY FIRST before filling in a booking form or before scrolling through  apartments. Some apartments will be full so it is quicker if we tell you those that ARE free your dates first.

IF YOU PREFER THE PERSONAL APPROACH we  can help you . We are DIFFERENT from the big booking sites  :  40 years experience , inspected properties,  knowledge of areas, properties and their owners or managers.  ALSO  : easy  booking , safe online payment. 

We are a FAMILY BUSINESS with CUSTOMER SERVICE OUR PRIORITY FROM YOUR FIRST EMAIL TILL YOU ARRIVE HOME.  Human beings available by email, WhatsApp, or phone. (remember phone calls !).

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CANCELLATION?   “Normal” conditions now apply  ( see How to Book).  BUT in the very unlikely event UK is put back in lockdown , we would revert to Covid conditions : refund of deposits and balances if this occurs (or a credit for a future booking if preferred).  

                 If you have  queries about an  upcoming booking , do ask.  




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We have divided the properties into 3 categories largely based on price

Featured in Rick Steves’ London guide 

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We know the areas,  properties, owners & managers

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